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Our guest for this episode is Brendan Manley, founder of VirtualAd - a platform that pairs your business with an in-house team of experienced marketers who handle your advertising, and simple software to keep track of how it’s growing your business.
Our guest for this episode is Charles Javelona, co-founder of Univ-Jobs – Canadian marketplace simplifying hiring post-secondary students and recent grads.
Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years. According to a survey by IAB Canada, 61% of signage bought or sold in the last 12 months was outdoor, and of that, 58% was spent on DOOH.
Programmatic digital audio offers some incredibly valuable opportunities that could increase the effectiveness of certain ad campaigns. We’ve collected a few of those values here to help you decide if this type of advertising is a good fit for your campaign strategies.
Understanding the different methods used by fraudsters is the first step to ensuring your brand does not experience them. We have compiled the most common types of ad fraud in three categories and outlined some key ways to help identify them.
Ten years ago, advertisers had an absolute and unconditional trust with their media agencies because the supply chain was so much simpler. With constant changes in the tech landscape and a rapidly increasing number of ad platforms within every new media channel, media buyers continue to undergo an enormous shift.
Over 25,000 people from 125 different countries attended, including 1,100 start-ups, 730 speakers, 921 media personnel, and 3,750+ CEOs. Not only was this the largest turnout yet, but it was the largest percentage of women the conference had ever seen, making up a whopping 45.7% of attendees.
The number of new and unique AdTech solutions is rapidly growing and choosing a vendor for each ad campaign is time-consuming and can get complicated. We put together this list of essential steps to help marketers effectively vet vendors and get the maximum value from their ad spend.

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